CTG ‘s expertise in the settlement process allows our relators partners to streamline their transactions and focus on what is most important to their clients, finding the perfect home. As your partner, we provide convenience and offer a variety of resources to assist you in building your client base. As fellow real estate professionals, we understand that earning the trust and loyalty of your clients is of utmost importance. We strive to make the settlement process as stress free as possible to ensure that your hard work generates repeat business from those clients.

Mobile Title Calculator Even when you’re showing houses and presenting offers after hours or over the weekend, our innovative title quote application allows you to generate instant Title Quotes, Seller’s Net Sheets, Buyer Estimates and ALTA forms, which you can save and send to your clients via email. To sign up for your free account, please visit Our Closing Cost Calculator.

Breakthrough Broker Breakthrough Broker is an all-encompassing resources center for real estate professionals. Site visitors can create marketing materials such as brochures and newsletters, find the tools necessary to succeed in the business, learn from industry leaders, and share their ideas with fellow agents. In its simplest form, Breakthrough Broker is the most complete resource for any agent who wants to be excellent in their career (from BB website).

Digital Documents CTG Digital Closing Docs™ is our state-of-the-art record-keeping tool for the property owner, and a forever-marketing tool for residential and commercial real estate agents and mortgage specialists. Here’s what it does:

  • Documents added auto-notification
  • Homestead exemption reminders
  • Neighborhood home value updates
  • Amortization and interest paid calculations
  • Mortgage update notifications
  • Targeted real estate news
  • Secure document access via email

These updates will continue for as long as your client owns the home. And it’s all branded to you. In essence, CTG Digital Closing Docs™ is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to effortlessly stay in front of your client for many years to come. So when the day arrives when he or she needs real estate help again, you are the one professional that’s top-of-mind. Click here to watch our movie and learn more about how CTG Digital Closing Docs™ can help your brand: Digital Closing Docs