Real muscle in real property.

CTG is an attorney-driven firm with lawyers who have special expertise in real estate matters managing and overseeing every aspect of the process. That’s how we deliver real estate professionals, loan specialists and their clients real muscle in real property.

See the strength.

In a world of real estate, title should mean strength. That’s because when closing and title are handled well, you have peace of mind and confidence that the real property you purchased is really yours. Unfortunately, in the euphoria of the transaction, few think about the professionals who handle the final, crucial steps of closing and title. But true title experts can keep a difficult transaction on pace to close, and they can protect an owner from unforeseen future calamities such as estate issues, tax liens, dormant partnerships or even overdue utility bills that can all complicate ownership claims and lead to costly litigation. Or worse. At CTG, our seasoned title experts are overseen every step of the way by our team of career real estate lawyers. And when the right people oversee your title work, you know your position is solid; your claim is sturdy; and your mind is at ease. That’s why, at CTG, title is strength.